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France is one of the most visited countries these days due to its many wonderful natural wonders that this country has. There is no doubt that besides these attractions there are many others as well, which will give any tourist some unforgettable memories. If you would like to spend a vacation here with your family, then we will recommend you in the following a few amazing places you need to visit in France.


Bordeaux is undoubtedly the capital of wine, and therefore the perfect place in case you want to experience an excellent wine-experience. It is situated in the Aquitaine region, and the city is absolutely full of bars a vin, especially Rue Parlement Saint-Pierre where tourists can treat themselves to the wide range of this national beverage. If you get to this place we also suggest you take a troll on the banks of the lovely Garonne river and make your way up the Pey-Berland Tower where you can enjoy an amazing view of the city’s little houses. After doing so, you should also not forget to stop by Baillardran in order to try the delicious caneles.


You certainly cannot go to France without visiting the capital. As you probably already know, Paris is a very romantic city, excellent for couples. There are plenty of attractions to see, and lots of activities to go for. The city has a large number of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and so on, which means that you will never get bored, no matter how long your vacation would be. If you want to see Paris but you don’t have a companion, then you can still plan a vacation here as you have the possibility to pay an Parisian escort to come with you to any attraction you want to see. The city has many escort agencies where most girls can satisfy this type of request as well. Therefore, everyone wins, and your experience in the city of lights will surely be memorable.


Toulouse is also known as the Pink City or Ville Rose, and it is actually a city popular with students. There are many squares where you can just relax and enjoy a delicious French coffee. The most impressive and famous one is the Place du Capitole, located right in the heart of Toulouse. From this spot you can just take any of the many streets and continue exploring. For a serene touch of your stay, you should have in mind to visit the stunning Japanese garden, situated very close to the Congress center.


Saint-Malo is an attractive fortress city, that was first built upon an extremely rocky island. It is situated in Brittany, and it is the right place for trying some of the best French delicacies such as kouign-amanns or savory crepes. Make sure you don’t miss out the chance to take the ferry and go to Dinard, a neighborhood city where the entire atmosphere is quite different. From the boat, you will get the best view of the city which will help you understand its structure a lot better.


In case you are more of a urban person, then you should plan your vacation to Aix-en-Provence, located in the south of France. This lovely town is full of fountains, little squares, and restaurants happy to welcome tourists during summer. Even if the place gets really busy in the hot season, it will surely offer you the silence you need for good relaxation.

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