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If you are more like a romantic person and want to spend a few relaxing days in France, then we highly recommend you to avoid busy cities and go instead for a riverside walk. When can you do that? In case you are confused and don’t know where to actually go, then in this article, we will show you France’s most beautiful riverside walk. Check them out and see which one you fancy.

The Gorges du Gardon

Those who love hiking and want to spend time in nature should definitely go to The Gorges du Gardon. This quiet place has a quite low lying landscape that allows one to stop alongside the stoned river banks for a quick dip. The main highlight of the descent is without a doubt Le pont du Gard, one of the highest elevated Roman aqueducts, which is extremely impressive at not more and not less than 48 meters high.

The Dordogne

This beautiful river flows through the entire region with the same name, before entering the Gironde river. The area is excellent for walking, hiking, relaxing, as well as taking some amazing photos. Furthermore, if you are passionate about canoeing, then you can go for it. A wonderful route through some of the most picturesque villages of France is also available for anyone who likes adventures.

The Tarn Gorge

You can also experience an amazing riverside walk in this stunning canyon. The Tarn Gorge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which offers visitors an overwhelming natural spectacle. It is 53-kilometer long and the natural water descents are quite easy to tackle in a canoe then by walking. However, if you like being on the land, then you should not forget to explore the speleology of the surrounding caves. The whole experience at The Tarn Gorge will surely be unforgettable.

Macon, Bourgogne

This historic town is worth visiting it in order to try one of the most pleasant and relaxing riverside walks. Macon is built alone the beautiful Saone river, which is very much the backbone of the city. A walk here is without a doubt a must. The Saone river is known for its fishing culture. Ma Table en Villa is an excellent location to sample the local cuisine, and Aux Deux Buis is very close to the river.

Vichy, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes

Vichy has built up a great reputation as a spa town where plenty of people from all over the world come all year round. Vichy is situated on the banks of the Allier river where you can go for a rejuvenating walk. The town has plenty of lovely landscaped gardens and leafy parks. Vichy’s architecture has been designed in order to intermingle with the whole environment. If you go for a walk along the promenade, you will find several tiny suspended jetties clinging to its sides, excellent outposts to take in the views of sundown. You can even take a cooking class in this town, at Maison Decoret, a hotel-restaurant. However, the highlight of Vicky remains the riverside where you can enjoy long romantic walks with your partner.

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